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Rachel Kvas at RJS Craft Winemaking HQ
September 17, 2015 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Single is not for everyone

Winemakers know that crafting a wine destined to achieve a near perfect score requires both skill and a touch of finesse. And one particularly important skill is the art of blending, or as it is called in the world of wine: assemblage. In pursuit of making the best of the best, w.. Read More
Illustration of butler holding corkscrew
September 3, 2015 | By Sean Griffin

What are all these wine words? Do I need to know them?

Drinking wine is easy; talking about wine can be more difficult. Unfortunately, wine culture is often perceived as a bit snobby, due in part to the expansive array of fancy verbose terms and elaborate descriptors that comes with it. Take oenophile for example—which is simply an.. Read More