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October 29, 2015 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Popular white wines for the holidays

Being ready for the Christmas holidays requires organizational super powers.  With gifts to wrap, cookies to bake, decorations to put up and so much food to prepare, it’s a struggle to get everything done in time for Christmas.  For craft winemakers, holiday preparations star.. Read More
October 15, 2015 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Is it okay to hack your wine kit?

For most people, the word 'hack' either calls up the act of chopping wood, or a terrible golf swing. The modern definition, borrowed from people who like to fiddle about with computers, is the practice of modifying the features of a system, in order to accomplish a goal outside t.. Read More
Vineyard in Stellenbosch, South Africa
October 1, 2015 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Wine Tour Series: Stellenbosch, South Africa

If you are as passionate about travelling as you are about making wine, Stellenbosch should be on your travel bucket list. This hilly town in South Africa, established in 1679, has been producing wine for hundreds of years, and gained its reputation as a premier wine destination .. Read More