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Chilean Winemaking For centuries, people crafted their own wines using local fruits, berries, and plants. Today, seasoned and amateur home winemakers have taken up making their own craft wines using grapes grown in regions from all over the world.  Impressive wines – with remarkable flavour, bod.. Read More
Barcelona City
May 28, 2015 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Dinner inspired by Barcelona

Have you ever had a memory so profound that a mere aroma takes you back to that specific time and place? They say that the human sense of smell is the strongest memory trigger of all of our senses so I’m not surprised we have them as often as we do. [caption id="attachment_5.. Read More
winemaking barrels
May 14, 2015 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

The Winery Series is making everyone rethink craft winemaking

Since the introduction of Cellar Classic’s Winery Series, winemakers across the country have been singing its praises as one the best wine kits available on the market today. “We’ve been pleased with the response to The Winery Series from our customers,” says Iain and Sha.. Read More
Uncorking wine bottle
April 17, 2015 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Welcome to our new Craft & Cork

It’s a newsletter. It’s a blog. But most importantly, Craft & Cork is a place where RJS and its retail partners can share their passion and knowledge about craft winemaking with the world (starting with people in our own backyard). We craft winemakers are a passionate gr.. Read More
women winemaking business Making a living doing something you’re passionate about is an aspiration many Canadians share, and an exciting reality for four Ontario women entrepreneurs who own craft wine making businesses in their communities. Twenty years ago, Michele Hirst was en route to starting a tran.. Read More