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Are you a wine enthusiast who enjoys the satisfaction of crafting your own delicious vintages from the comfort of your own home? If so, our Coopers beer extracts are designed to build on your existing DIY skills. From light lager and sparkling IPA to bold stouts and English Bitters, Coopers beer extracts offer a range of styles and flavors, ensuring that there’s something to appeal to every beer lover’s palate.

What is the Advantage of Making Your Own Beer at Home?
We’re so glad you asked. There’s that creative outlet of course. Brewing your own beer opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to experiment and learn more about ingredients, flavours and brewing.

Quality is also key. The Cooper brand has an over-160-year history of brewing expertise. Rest assured then, that by brewing your own beer, you have top-notch ingredients with no added preservatives and the highest quality malt, hops and yeasts. There’s also the cost advantage of home brewing. Making your own beer at home can truly be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing craft beers.

How Easy or Difficult is it to Make Your Own Beer?
Like our winemaking kits, our Coopers beer extracts offer a diverse range of styles to choose from. Choose from stout, English bitter, porter, lager, dark ale, and IPA. Read our new Coopers beer brochure which guide you through the brewing process step by step. Plan ahead and in just a couple of weeks, you’re guaranteed a supply of beer for your upcoming occasions.

Tips on Pairing Beer with Your Favourite Foods
With each of Coopers beer extracts, you can expect to produce a volume (48 pints) of delicious craft beer that will keep your guests’ glasses full. Whether you’re serving up robust stouts with a side of chocolate or a refreshing lager alongside a succulent roast chicken dinner, our beer styles complement a range of go-to entertaining recipes.

For your reference, here’s a quick beer-matching guide for a few of your favourite foods:

  • Stout: It’s a top-notch match for chocolate, whether truffles or decadent cookies.
  • English Bitter: Try it with paté. Trust us. The countryside-inspired pairing is perfect.
  • Lager: It’s a classic for a reason and always stellar with roast chicken or salmon.
  • Dark Ale: Elevate comfort foods to new heights (hello, mac and cheese or pork chops).
  • Draught Lager: The natural teammate to pub fare, from fish and chips, or fried everything!
  • IPA: Hoppy with refreshing bitterness, sip it alongside burgers or pizza.

Convinced? We hope so. Beyond wine-making, the exciting journey of beer brewing awaits. With our Coopers beer extracts, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various beer styles, experiment with flavours, and impress your guests with your homemade creations. Cheers to that!

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