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October 25, 2018 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Capture a boldly defiant Italy Nebbiolo

The third release from our Restricted Quantities 2019 program entitled, 4Fugitives is an Italy Nebbiolo. Learn more about this limited release wine, our recommended pairings, the varietal itself and the fugitive – Enrico Alfano – who inspired it.


A unified transparency and delicate appeal that collaborates well with its robust and hearty counterparts. These are the true markers of both a leader and a great wine!

Salute to a man of lasting endurance and mystique!

Food Pairings:

  • Braised beef cheeks with garlic infused mash potatoes
  • Lasagna Bolognese
  • Rigatoni alla Norma


Nebbiolo is native to Northern Italy most probably from the Piemonte region. In its terroir of origin, Nebbiolo is used to produced single variety wines in the world-famous regions of Barolo DOCG and Barbaresco DOCG. His derives from the Italian “nebbia”, fog in English. Typical descriptors and structure for Nebbiolo wines includes: Red cherry, blackberry, dried flowers (rose, violet), tobacco and mushroom. The wines present high acidity, full body and high tannins.


Considered a leader of a mafia-type group called the Camorra; Alfano was rumoured to have been responsible for the murders of a New York City police sergeant and a rival Camorra boss, Gennaro Cuocolo, and his wife. Many considered Alfano in the light of a demigod, as he was thought to be invulnerable to bullets and able at all times to escape his pursuers. Unfortunately, he was caught and a trial against Alfano expanded to a tribunal against the Camorra, where he was found guilty. He maintained his innocence, and after the illegitimacy of the trial was discovered, he was released after serving 27 years of a 30 year sentence. After his release in 1934, he was never seen or heard from again.

Craft Winemakers will finally have a chance to make their own Italy Nebbiolo wine through the RJS Craft Winemaking 2019 Restricted Quantities program. You can order through your local RJS Craft Winemaking retailer is essential to ensure you can get your hands on a kit or two!

Capture a boldly defiant wine February 2019.

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