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September 21, 2023 | By Mark Wasserman

Kickstart Your Holiday Prep with Winemaking Kits

Autumn holds onto summer’s sunshine and warmth as long as possible, but by the time the calendar flips to October, we’re fully into the fall season and thinking past the pumpkin-spice to peppermint and the flavours, foods and festivities of the winter holidays. What better way to navigate this month then to set yourself up for holiday success? Even if you’re cozying up to fall vibes, the timing is just right to pick up one or two wine kits and get going so that your personal vintage will be ready once “Jingle Bells” hits your playlist.

8 Weeks Out: Try Kits in the En Primeur Winery Series
The RJS En Primeur winemaking kits celebrate iconic wines that we know and love, both red and white. The series focuses on the classics of the world, from Amarone and Zinfandel to Pinot Grigio and Gewürztraminer. There’s even an Italy Super Tuscan style for big-red fans, who’ll love it matched with holiday cheese trays and those Prime Rib or tenderloin beef feasts. Choose your favourite En Primeur kit and get started today to have ready in time for the holidays.

6 Weeks Out: Create Something Unique and Sweet With Cru Specialty Kits

For those with a sweet tooth, Cru Specialty kits are heaven-sent. Whether you’re winemaking with holiday hosting in mind or looking for a truly personal gifting idea, the options in this series are magic. Red and white wine styles include dessert-inspired flavours such as Black Forest and Toasted Caramel as well as Raspberry Mocha and Orange Chocolate. Doesn’t your holiday sound sweeter already?

5 Weeks Out: Choose from over 25 Styles in the Cru International Collection

This series celebrates the signature expressions of iconic world wines. The Chardonnay kit represents a classic California Chardonnay style where it’s all about the fruit, both orchard and tropical, which will evolve to taste riper with age. For Riesling fans, the International Riesling style takes a German perspective: clean and crisp but beautifully floral. And for Pinot Noir lovers, the our Pinot Noir kit in this series looks to British Columbia with a wine style that is rich with black cherries and fresh strawberries, silky tannins and a hint of pepper and spice. Whatever your taste, Cru International’s range promises something for every palate and food-loving holiday moment.

4 weeks out: Heritage Estates Boasts a Range of Light, Bright, Easygoing Options

The holidays are social and this series centres on fresh, lighter bodied wine styles that are true crowd-pleasers. That lighter descriptor also relates to alcohol, as the majority of the styles in this Heritage Estates lineup fall in the 11-12% range, so are well-suited to daytime sipping. Discover an array of styles: Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon plus a French red style which marries fruit with oaky spice. With the whites, choose from the classics: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and a easy-to-enjoy California-style blend. After all, for most of us, wine shouldn’t be complicated; it should simply taste great and add to the moment.

And so, the countdown begins. Our winemaking advice: Consider all of the ways you love to enjoy your wine over the holidays and let that be your guide. Crisp whites and light-bodied reds for holiday brunches or robust reds and aromatic whites for festive multicourse dinners. Choose your kits and get prepped for the many wine-loving occasions to come. And remember: Winemaking kits also make great gifts for the wine lovers on your list.

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