Row of carboys
February 17, 2016 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Winemaker’s tip: avoid volatile acidity

Craft winemakers are all too aware that winemaking can be a fickle art. When everything goes well, the end result is magical: a few simple ingredients are turned into liquid bliss.  But, every once in a while, even the most seasoned winemaker can have a batch that goes, as they say, “sideways”. One of the most common problems occasionally encoun.. Read More
February 4, 2016 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Perfectly pairing dinner with friends

Over the last fifteen years we've often gotten together with our neighbours for dinner.  In the last three years we've begun regularly entertaining one another in the form of a progressive dinner. These dinner parties eventually morphed into themed progressive dinners; we've had barbeque, beer, Mad Men, Latin American, Greek night, Moroccan and Mard.. Read More
January 21, 2016 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

The inside scoop on grape skins

If you've ever peeled a red grape, you'll have seen something interesting: the flesh is actually pale yellow--not red-- and if you eat it separately from the skin it's sweet, but actually kind of bland. That's because all of the colour and tannin, and most of their flavour and aroma are stored in the skin (and the seeds) of the grape. If you press r.. Read More
Red wine and dessert cupcakes
January 7, 2016 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Add the perfect wine to your dessert

Some friends came to my house for dinner recently. You know the scene: A few middle-aged girl pals reminiscing over lasagna, and several glasses of Pinot Noir. After polishing off the second bottle of my Pinot, the four of us agreed that as much as we could sip Pinot Noir all night, it was time to sample the flourless chocolate cake my girlfriend pic.. Read More
Traditionally Christmas table with candles and juniper
December 22, 2015 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

‘Tis the season for tradition

Every family has their own traditions at Christmas time.  Some traditions we inherit from our parents, traditions undoubtedly passed down from many generations. Other traditions we create ourselves and incorporate into our holiday festivities year after year.  In my family every Christmas eve we enjoy a glass (or two or three) of mulled wine. I .. Read More