July 28, 2020 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Restricted Quantities 2021 Presents: The Arcana Collection

Every year RJS Craft Winemaking offers a new line-up of premium, unique wines through the limited release program, Restricted Quantities. The year 2021 marks Restricted Quantities’ 21st program and RJS Craft Winemaking is proud to present five new wine revelations with the Arcana Collection, a premium collection as timeless as tarot. Explore the pa.. Read More
March 13, 2020 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

DIY Rosé Wine Gummies

Take everything you love about your favourite bottle of rosé, and now imagine it packed into a delicious gummy! It gets better; they’re surprisingly easy-to-make and even easier to enjoy! This recipe makes approximately 60 gummies (which may seem like a lot!) but they will go fast -- especially if you plan to make these for gifts. These gummies al.. Read More
March 13, 2020 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Refreshing Rosé Lemonade Recipe

If the two most refreshing things about summertime got together in a glass, it would be rosé lemonade! Made with our Cru International French Rosé - this cocktail may be all you'll want to drink this summer. INGREDIENTS For the lemonade: 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup water 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 1 cup cold water For the rest: .. Read More
March 13, 2020 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Why Try Rosé!

Year after year rosé continues to be one of the strongest trending and fastest-growing varietals in wine. The resurgence of rosé seems quite obvious for anyone who currently enjoys this varietal, but for those of you who aren’t convinced – here are 5 reasons as to why you should enjoy rosé all year round… a reason for each one of the delicio.. Read More
March 13, 2020 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Summer Wine Picks

With summer around the corner, it's time to start thinking about which wines you'll want to enjoy all season long. If you’re having trouble deciding which to craft, we have taken some of the guess work out by picking some of our favourite summer varietals. TOP 3 SUMMER REDS For all the red-lovers out there, here are our 3 red wine picks for .. Read More

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