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July 31, 2019 | By RJS Craft Winemaking

Picnic Season is Upon Us!

Picnic Season is here, and who doesn’t want to take advantage of the gorgeous outdoors and this beautiful weather!  Here at RJS we are all about elevating your warm-weather game by bringing your kitchen party outside.  What better way to make your craft wine portable than the 3L wine in a bag! With its gorgeous design and maximum toting capacity, you are sure to have enough style and pours for all!

So, what are the best RJS craft picnic wines?  Think lively acidity, citrus and tropical fruits.  Our 6-week Cru Select line up of summer whites are perfect pairs for the 3L wine bag and your outdoor food fairs.  Our Cru Select Australia Style Chardonnay, or Cru Select Italy style Pinot Grigio are top of mind due to their freedom of pairing and juicy acidic nature.

The wines you craft for your barbecue will different than your summer picnic.  While barbecue wines tend to be bold and spicy, picnics tend to have a lighter flare. When choosing your craft wine varietal, start thinking about your favorite picnic foods.  Chances are your favorite picnic foods are cold and fresh and you’ll have the staples such as: cheeses, crackers, charcuteries, fresh breads, ripe fruits and potato salads with dill will most likely make the list.

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